Are you getting tired fast while boxing? Are you running out of air?

It’s easy to forget how to breathe because you never learned it in the first place. Breathing was always natural until you got in the ring. But breathing is and always will be an essential function of life. It comes before strategy, before technique, before ANY complicated fighting movements.

… how do you expect to fight when you can’t breathe?

Breathing gives energy to all movements. There are two types of breathing important when boxing. Slow and deep breaths for slow and deep movements, and fast burst breaths for fast and bursting type movements. Makes sense right?

Slow breathing is great for revitalizing you. It calms the mind, allowing you to rest, to strategise, and to save up more energy. You should breathe slow anytime you’re moving around the ring, in between rounds, or out of your opponent’s range. (Pretty much any time that you’re not throwing punches or slipping quickly.)

Fast breathing is perfect for fast explosive movements like punching, defending, slipping, fast footwork. Fast breathing gives your body that fast jolt of energy needed to send out sudden bursts of energy. When done excessively or incorrectly (VERY COMMON), fast breathing leaves you tired and out of breath.

The biggest breathing tip is to understand that fast breathing only means faster exhale. Fast breathing DOES NOT MEAN faster air cycle. The trick to fast breathing is to exhale as little air as possible!