There’s a difference between sparring and fighting. Fighting destroys you whereas sparring develops your skills! Your main aim isn’t to go in there and beat your opponent, it’s not about your opponent, it’s about you. Sparring is there to improve and to practice your art. If you try a new combination and end up eating a shot, then you’ll remember to not do that in a fight or change how you set it up.

Keep these sparring essentials in mind next time you face your sparring opponent:
– Sparring is NOT fighting. Learn from each other while keeping each other safe.
– Everyone is at different levels of mindset and fitness. Know your own power, but don’t use your full power.
– Sparring is to develop skills, not to determine a winner.
– Respect your opponent.
– Don’t panic and just breathe.
– Keep moving your feet and your head and concentrate on your movements. It’s all about learning.
– Don’t be too down if you’ve done badly and don’t get too confident if you’ve done well.
– You’re not trying to win, you’re trying to learn