Do you struggle with stress? You are not alone.

Although the levels of stress vary from person to person, we all deal with some sort of stress at some point in our lives, especially on the work floor!

Did you know that boxing is one of the best sports to relieve stress? Here are some stress-relieving benefits of boxing after a long and stressful day at work…

1. Boxing Allows You To Work Through Emotions

Sometimes work can put us in highly emotional situations, which often manifest in a physical stress response such as feeling the need to hit something. That feeling is a natural body response and boxing is a fantastic way to work through the physical reactions to those emotions.

2. Boxing Allows You To Release Anger

Everyone can get into situations at work that make us angry, whether you pull an all-nighter on a project that then gets scrapped, a client criticises you for no apparent reason or your co-worker shows up late for a meeting again, dumping all the prep work on you. If you are an individual that struggles with managing anger, a boxing class (and the help of an experienced coach) is a safe way to release any aggression. Pent up anger is one of the most explosive and damaging things we can house in our bodies. It is not healthy to keep these negative feelings built-up, so go ahead and box it out instead!

3. Boxing Helps Prevent Anxiety

Anxiety is more common than you think. The feelings are usually triggered by helplessness and fear. For example, a fear to fail at work. How does boxing help? Learning to box can help alleviate and even prevent those feelings by giving you tools you may never need but will help you feel in control of any situation. Boxing is great therapy!

Get out of your suit and into your boxing wear!