The speed bag is considered by many to be a boxer’s best friend. Once you learn how to use it, it is one of the most fun boxing workouts.

Training with a speed bag has many benefits, not only for boxing but for fitness. Large size speed bags are designed for developing strength and endurance, and a small speed bag is best for improving your hand speed, timing, and hand-eye coordination.

You can punch a speed bag in a variety of ways, but it’s most common to start out by simply hitting it from the front with both fists. After you have had a lot of practice, you can start to incorporate punches from all sides of the speed bag, including your elbows.

Here are 4 speed bag work-outs routines for you to try out…

  • Speed Bag Strength Routine
    This workout teaches you to throw power punches faster. Inflate your speed bag just enough to get rid of any creases in the leather. Hit the bag ten times with each arm as hard as you can and try to keep getting four rebounds. Do a total of three sets with each arm.
    Then add a fifth rebound and do six sets with both arms. Continue until you are up to seven rebounds and stop at a total of 24 sets.
  • Speed Bag Speed Routine
    This exercise is like the power workout. It trains you to throw higher quantities of regular punches to increase your hand speed. Set your timer to 30 seconds. Punch at a medium pace. Count how many times you hit the bag in an interval, aim for 40. Increase the number by one for eight rounds, one extra punch per round.
  • Endurance Workout Routine
    This is a good speed bag workout to increase the minutes as you get stronger and better for improved endurance. Punch the speed bag for an entire minute at a fast but steady pace. Take notice how quickly the fatigue hits you. Do five sets of 1 minute each, with 15-30 seconds of rest in between. Every set, try to increase the amount of time you can punch. Continue over the course of a few weeks until you can reach a goal of three minutes at high intensity.
  •  Accuracy Speed Bag Routine
    This exercise teaches you to land your punches where you intended. Try hitting different spots on the speed bag without messing up your rhythm. Do this and circle the bag in small steps, keeping your rhythm. Do this in several 30-second rounds working up to the number of sets you can do before being too fatigued.