A jump rope is a must-have for anyone interested in boxing. It’s one of the most effective training tools to:

– Improve footwork
– Train endurance
– Perfect quickness and speed
– Learn about body awareness and balance
– Improve timing and coordination

Skipping rope as part of the boxing training has been utilised by professional boxers for decades. Ever seen a boxer working out with a jump rope? You probably noticed how skilled they are! We don’t over exaggerate when we say boxers are the masters of skipping rope.

Want to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” like Muhammad Ali? If so, one of the first things you must do is learn how to skip rope.

Some tips to become a skipping pro…

– Resist the urge to swing your arms. Keep your arms close to your sides and use your wrists instead.
– Stand up straight and look forward.
– Jumping a few inches off the ground is ideal. Jumping too high may put unnecessary stress on the knees and other joints of the lower extremities such as the ankles, hips, and feet.
– Do not let your heels touch the ground while skipping. The phrase “keep you on your toes” means to stay alert and able to think and move quickly.
– Relax your upper body. Keeping the upper body relaxed will minimize any undue stress on the back and shoulders.